Architecture of Eiffel Tower


The structure of Eiffel Tower consists of puddle iron. The weight of this tower is 7300 tonnes. The entire structure which also includes the non metal particles as well consists of 10000 tonnes. It is designed in so effective manner that if the structure of 7300 tonnes were melted, it would be easier to fill a depth of 6 cm with a base of 125 meter square. It is just estimation after assuming the density of the metal which is to be 7.8 meter per cubic. If the temperature increases and if the sun goes harder, the tower will shift itself for 18 meters.     

Wind Considerations:

At the time of its construction, people were shocked after watching the daring shape of it. Eiffel was accused and criticized on many issues like he constructed the tower for viewers without informing about it to the engineers. He made the tower artistic in its look. Eiffel was having a team of confident and experienced workers as they all are involved in constricting bridges. They understood what the important role of wind is as they were going to construct the tallest structure and they have to be sure that it will remain stand in the wind as well. Eiffel told to a reporter interviewing for a newspaper, Le Temps that the phenomenon of crating the building is to make it wind resistant. The curves of the tower were based on the mathematical calculation and this provides the great support and strength to the building.

It will tend the viewer to open his eyes wide and the observer may watch its beauty and boldness.   The researchers later discovered this fact that Eiffel used some graphical and empirical methods to tackle the effects of wind apart from trying it through a mathematical solution. After examining the tower carefully, a person may come to know that the tower is having tow exponential shapes. The lower section was over deigned so that wind forces may be resistant. There were certain mathematical reasons were given to explain this fact. The demonstration also shows that the tower is resistant of all the wind that blows towards it. it sway to a distance of 6 to 7 cm or 2 to 3 inches when the wind blows. 

Engraved Names

Gustave Eiffel, who was engaged in constructing the tower, engraved the names of 72 scientists. They all were French. Apart from that, there are many other professional people like engineers and others name were also engraved to that tower. These engraved names were painted in the 20th century and it was also restored in the year 1986-87. it was did by the company which was contacted to perform business which is relating to this tower.


As the maintenance process is to be managed, this tower uses to have 50 to 60 tonnes of paint on interval of every 7 years. This is done just to protect the tower from rust. The actual height of the tower varies about 15 cm due to the temperature that exists.